Your home should tell a story. It should actually have it’s very own color story. What does that mean? When you walk into someone’s home… don’t you get a feeling? Whether it be comfort, chaos, serenity, energy, intensity etc. Well, the majority of that feeling is created due to how colors within the home are used. Every color and piece of decor chosen, should work together to create a total story which creates flow from room to room. Your home should be your sanctuary, your happy place. It should surround you with memories, colors and décor that tells YOUR story. Don’t follow a trend because you don’t know what else to do. Don’t settle for looking like a specific home décor brand because you don’t have the time to find other options. Lets work together to mix your current pieces, with new textures, fixtures and colors to create a story of your own. If you want to refresh a space or tell a new story, let us help you with a color consultation.

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